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TOUGH TALKS: Julie Bauke
Career Strategist, The Bauke Group

The Gallup organization has been doing research on job satisfaction among Americans for decades. The results have been remarkably consistent. And remarkably disturbing.

The vast majority of people polled report being dissatisfied with their jobs. Far from in love with them. And “job” is the place where most of us spend most of our lives.

Our guest today is Chief Strategic Career Advisor at The Bauke Group, Julie Bauke.

Julie is a no nonsense, self-proclaimed “Fierce Advocate” for not settling but rather for proactively co-creating your ideal vocation.

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

  • The critical nature of seeing POSSIBILITIES vs. “availabilities”
  • How imperative it is for you to get full clarity on the simple, yet profound, question, “What do you really want?”
  • What Millenials get that the rest of us don’t
  • The death of the “Gold Watch” mission
  • The power of NOT “staying in your lane”
  • Who to be when you get laid off
  • The Deserve, Worthy, CAN attitude
  • What it means to “Smash the Box!”
  • How to own and strategize (in advance) upon the fact that “your company wants you – until they don’t.”

Join us for our aggressive challenge of how how we have historically permitted ourselves to “settle” into less than ideal careers.


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