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Please…Make Yourself Uncomfortable

When I was studying in India – learning to free myself from the conditioning of the past that would have me struggle – one of the most powerful lessons was that NOTHING NEEDS TO BE AVOIDED.

Not only does nothing need be avoided, everything, when experienced fully, becomes joy. Including “discomfort”.¬†There’s nothing uncool about being uncomfortable. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Growth occurs in discomfort and it doesn’t occur in comfort. And growth is cool. Which makes discomfort cool. Or valuable. Or both.

We’re often taught to believe (that’s the “conditioning of our past” to which I constantly refer) that comfort is the priority and discomfort sucks and should be avoided at all costs. What if you TOTALLY changed that story to something like, “I LOVE discomfort so much so that I seek it out daily in an effort to ensure that not one day of my life passes during which I don’t experience some amazing growth or personal development!”??? Well, if you did that then your whole life would totally change. It would be upgraded tremendously. All the effort you previously invested into avoiding discomfort would be redirected into experiencing the uncomfortable things in life with the ENTHUSIASM that leads to growth and activation of all forms of intelligence, rather than complaining and being a weak victim of circumstance.

You are the authority of your life. Authority. You get to re-author all your stories. The one you learned about discomfort being uncool – not cool. Rewrite it.


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