NOTHING “brings” you joy!


My team found this old video post from way back in 2010. The topic and the mantra I discuss continue to be fundamental to all the work that I do. (Apparently, I recorded this during the World Cup. I bought some vuvuzelas for it. Not sure why I didn’t use them in the video!) If nothing else, you gotta watch this for a dose of some vintage CD Mental Toughness jibber jab! My tech team said I look like a young Robert DeNiro (true story). And I’ll take that.

When we are being powerful, we own the fact that we create our moods or our states. One of my favorite phrases is, “Create the state, don’t wait!”

Nothing brings you joy. Similarly, nothing makes you anxious. You CREATE every state you ever experience with the way you CHOOSE to think. When you think well, you feel great. When you think poorly, you feel bad. Simple as that.

The challenge: remembering this.

The practice:

  1. CATCH yourself feeling unpleasant
  2. OWN that mood by telling yourself you’re feeling that way because of how you’re choosing to think, NOT because of what’s happening
  3. REPLACE your thought and create a new state


  1. Eileen Rogers says:

    Well said my friend… a good reminder to start my day today! xoxo

  2. Tom Rick says:

    Great insight, my good man! I should heed this advice every day.

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