TOUGH TALKS: Two-gether on TWOsday - A Frank Convo with Iyanla Vanzant - The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

TOUGH TALKS: Two-gether on TWOsday – A Frank Convo with Iyanla Vanzant

IYANLA!!! You heard it! Yep. That’s who our guest is for the 100th episode of The Tough Talks Podcast!!!

How cool is that?! The infamous, and brilliant – and fricking hysterical – Iyanla Vanzant discusses her own unique interpretation of what Mental Toughness and Mental Toughness Training even is. And it’s profound – as you might expect coming from her.

She teaches us how the mind is like a puppy, and if it isn’t trained…HA! NO WAY am I spoiling that moment. I’ll leave it at this, when she finished that analogy and told a story about it, I honestly almost fainted laughing. My face has never been so red in an episode! Hysterical and poignant.

Iyanla shares with us that we are all conditioned to forget how important we are, our divine nature, and how inter-connected we all are. She teaches us that the real work that we need to do in order to remember all of that is about UN-learning. And if we will permit ourselves to experience some stillness each day, we will reconnect to source and struggle far less.

I am so thrilled to bring to you, for our 100th episode of Tough Talks, the magnificent Iyanla Vanzant!

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  1. Larry Cerrillo says:

    You knocked it out of the park with this episode. Well done. Enjoyed and learned what is important in life.

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