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TOUGH TALKS: Stephen McGhee, Vol. 2
Leadership Guide, Speaker and Author

This week we have our first ever repeat appearance by a guest. We have the amazing Stephen McGhee back for Episode 2. Our first conversation focused entirely upon his remarkable experience and subsequent documentary about climbing Aconcagua with 6 other men 7 or 8 years ago, and more importantly, the profound lessons that they each learned about themselves, their relationships and the ways that they are/were using their lives. If you haven’t seen that episode, please do watch/listen.

And, I wanted to bring this guy back because he’s just so powerful and I wanted to have another conversation with him, but this time about the magic that he’s creating currently as a Leadership Guide, International Speaker and Author.

Stephen has a graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology and backgrounds in both investment banking and as an ecumenical minister. He’s just a fascinating dude.

He’s the author of three books on leadership and has worked with a ton of huge companies like Microsoft, Merck and Firestone.

On his website, he says that in working with him, “You will be pushed. You will be uncomfortable. You will be revealed. And your world will open.”

Wow. That actually kind of frightened me!

Here are some of the highlights from this most spectacular dialog:

  • Why, if you’re serious about being a badass, you never want to be without a guide.
  • His unusual definition of leadership.
  • That it is possible to go into any conversation with anyone, anytime, without ANY assumptions about them. Why you’d want to. And HOW to do that.
  • What he does in his Pre-Game before meetings, sessions and talks that he refers to as, “Calling In the Light.”
  • How most of us have been conditioned to be really stingy with our high vibes. And the importance of understanding how we “vibe” and how that either serves or disserves us.
  • Cultivating an “Intrinsic Environment” in order to successfully create greatness in the Extrinsic world.
  • What the hell is Spiritual Psychology?!
  • What he means by “You’ll be revealed” and why it IS, in fact, scary, but also essential in order to become your most powerful self.

More about Stephen McGhee:

And if you would like to download a free copy of his AMAZING documentary, “Climb For Freedom” click here

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