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TOUGH TALKS: Mike Garrick
Wholistic Wellness Expert

Wow! THAT didn’t go the way I thought it would. It went way better. Today’s episode of Tough Talks turned into an impromptu coaching session on making, keeping (or not) and learning from your (sometimes broken) commitments. And that wasn’t even our planned topic du jour.

The intended topic was the discipline it takes to commit to wholistic wellness. And our guest is an expert practitioner in just that – the study and application of MNB – Mind, Nutrition and Body wellness. Mike Garrick has been a student of health and wellness for the last decade, and his #1 addiction is perpetual growth. Mike is inspiration personified. But beware, he has filthy mouth. He makes ME sound like Mother Teresa (which is not actually possible, but this is definitely PG -14)!

Here are a few of the hot spots:

  • 5:00: The Information vs. Transformation distinction
  • 9:00: “Sautéing in your shit” (emotionally every bit as gross as it sounds)
  • 10:45: “Crazy 8” The Depression/Anger endless loop
  • 25:20: Pain vs. Suffering and how pain IS imperative to growth
  • 27:00: Cold Showers as a morning WIN
  • 28:20: Are you a Pain or Pleasure responder?
  • 30:00: THE BURPEES!!! (He drops and gives us 10!)
  • 39:00: The value of Metrics in getting started and staying started
  • 45:00: His incredible morning routine

Mike is not typical. His lifestyle is not normal. And that’s precisely why we have so much to learn from him. He’s such a fun, brilliant, love filled, passionate guy who just can’t stop feeding his soul. And that’s precisely why you’re gonna enjoy him so much.

Here’s the audio only version, which you can also download as an MP3 file to listen to on the go.

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