TOUGH TALKS: I’m Home Wherever I’m At with Gary Mahler

Gary unapologetically describes himself as a reformed asshole and is focusing his work on helping other assholes do their own transformation!

He’s a peaceful warrior. That’s a really great way to describe him. He’s so quietly confident and sincere that you find yourself wanting him to cut into you with his supportive scalpel so you can free yourself from the dead weight of your false beliefs that hold you back.

We have the pleasure of being with Gary LIVE today here at The Captain’s Quarters in Arizona with an amazing film crew, so that will bring the vibe even higher.



More about Gary Mahler:




Here’s the audio only version, which you can also download as an MP3 file to listen to on the go.


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  1. Chris Christie says:

    After an incredibly difficult five day period, this is exactly what I needed to see! This is my FAVORITE and the most impactful episode from you Chris…many thanks and much love!
    I related to so many things and on so many levels on Gary’s journey. After leaving my wife, I also went through a long and continuing journey of self-exploration. After missing death on three separate occasions, kind of like Gary seeing the Buddha, it clicked and things started to become more clear. I could go on and on about how I related to Gary. I very much enjoyed the discussion on DECIDING vs. MAKING a GOAL. Love that! We are also the same age!
    A few days ago, the word IKIGAI came into my life…combined with this episode I have renewed energy in my soul. Tonight, I DECIDE that my project is going to do exactly what I want it to do.
    Chris, I still have the quote from Patanjali that you sent me almost 20 years ago taped on my laptop. A little worn in one area from my right hand resting on it to type…but it is there!
    Thank you so much for being an inspiration yourself but also introducing us to incredible souls like Gary!

    • Chris Dorris says:

      My Man! That is music to my ears!!! It was an absolutely brilliant conversation and I am better because of it, because of Gary. And I’d LOVE to see a picture of that Patanjali quote on your laptop! (It also may be time for an upgraded laptop!:))

      Props to you for your DECISION! Decide again and again multiple times a day. Keep that commitment solidly alive with constant recommitment, Brother!

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