TOUGH TALKS: How To Double Your Income and Happiness by Focusing on LESS! with David Wood - The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

TOUGH TALKS: How To Double Your Income and Happiness by Focusing on LESS! with David Wood

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HEADS UP!!!: In keeping with my perpetual commitment to offer you opportunities to apply the Mental Toughness Tools and Techniques that we cover in these badass Tough Talks episodes, I encourage you to head into this episode with a couple of my favorite mantras in mind: “Ain’t bad; Just is.” And, “The Problem is The Gift.”  Why am I saying this? Well, as fate would have it, I had some microphone issues. So there’s some serious screeching going on when I get loud – and I do that a lot.

So, treat this as an opportunity to multitask. You get to BOTH learn from the immense wisdom of our first ever three-peater guest, David Wood, AND you also get to practice replacing your cringing when my audio pops with the above-suggested mantras. How’s THAT for service, huh?!

Props to my tech team of Micah Guller and Marlot Pels (who, by the way, are fully responsible for almost EVERYTHING that goes on here, and everywhere else in my life, production-wise) for fixing up the scratchiness a great deal so it’s even listenable.

When we initially discovered the “problem” (gift), my immediate response was, “F*#K!” Which I then replaced out loud with, Ain’t Bad; Just Is. And The Problem is The Gift. And that’s the work right there. Catching ourselves with low-grade interpretations of reality, and upgrading them as fast as possible. So have some fun learning and training. This episode was just WAY too good to toss because of a little (lot of) audio challenge!

If making way more money by doing LESS sounds appealing, then tune in.

This is David’s THIRD appearance as a guest on Tough Talks. He’s just that good. He teaches us how to decline the “monkey treats” that steer us off track (that’ll make sense in a minute).

And if you’re a business owner and/or entrepreneur, then today’s episode is particularly relevant to you.


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  1. Meredith Bell says:

    Another fantastic interview where I took pages of notes because of all the valuable tips David shared. I’m going to immediately implement his 2-hour sprints with the 4 25-minutes blocks. Brilliant way to build momentum and focus to get more done. Thank you, Chris, for bringing on such amazing guests who inspire me to be a better person and a more effective business owner.

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