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TOUGH TALKS: David Wood – Volume 2

We got him back for round 2!

And, Man, does he deliver. Again. David Wood is a master of many things. Among them is pausing before he responds. He’s pretty damn mindful, and we learn from witnessing that alone. He’s also a master of taking MASSIVE ACTION.

We discuss the 4 reasons why most of us DO NOT live our best lives. He calls them the 4 Villians. And, naturally, we finish with the antidote – the 4 Heroes.

He discussed how to work with the fact that our minds are like monkeys on crack! He also teaches us about The Law of Large Numbers and how “yes” lives in the land of “no.”

He also has a remarkably generous offer for certain folks which he articulates at the very end.

More about David Wood:



Here’s the audio only version, which you can also download as an MP3 file to listen to on the go.

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