TOUGH TALKS – Hey, CROs! You Don’t Have To Be Alone! with Jon Hunter

Our very first ever Tough Talks Podcast guest is back for a cameo! But this time he’s different. He’s had quite the transformation in the last 5 years since that first ever episode. Now he’s “Half Monk, Half Assassin.” Before I think he was a bit more of the assassin.

His name is Jon Hunter and he has lived his entire professional career in the world of Enterprise Software Sales and Sales Leadership. He’s a CRO and an advisor. He’s a husband, father, brother, leader, coach, sports enthusiast, movie buff, martial artist, writer and podcaster. And he has spent his entire life committed to his own development, growth, excellence and impact.

Our discussion today is primarily directed and dedicated to the CRO’s and Sales Leaders of the world. We discuss the unique pains that come with those roles and Jon’s insights on how to not just survive the loneliness of it, but how to THRIVE amidst that chaos!

More about Jon:


Here’s the audio only version, which you can also download as an MP3 file to listen to on the go.

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