Discover what it means to be ALL IN!, how to get ALL IN! and
how to use The ALL IN! State to create the life of your dreams.

I Was ALL IN! when I created ALL IN!

On October 30, 2010, I attended a life altering lecture that was delivered by my life coach at the time, Steve Hardison. The lecture was on the power of infinite commitment. That very evening I decided (that's the operative word - DECIDE - and you'll hear it a thousand times in this course) to return to my non-smoking status. I had been smoking about a pack a day for many years. I made the decision from the place of absolute commitment, or what I now refer to as the ALL IN! State, and almost 8 years later I haven't had one cigarette nor have I had even the remotest of cravings. As a consequence of my decision, I was and I am done with smoking. Forever. And I know it. And I love it.
Two months later, on Christmas Eve, I awoke and was remarkably inspired to record what I had been obsessing over since that lecture – just how powerful we all are when we choose to enter into the ALL IN! State. So I got my recording equipment out and canned the original ALL IN! 1.0 audio program in ONE TAKE. I was totally in the zone. Since then, it has been my best-selling product – by far.  
Fast forward almost 8 years and I decided to transform the audio program into a thorough digital course complete with video lectures, PDFs, quizzes and exercises. My motivation to do so is to teach you something so tremendously important that the vast majority of us never learned in school, or anywhere else, and it is this: we all possess the ability at all times to get infinitely committed – ALL IN! - and when we do, there is no stopping us.  
Think about your greatest desires in life. Think about the things you've never gone for. The things you've waited to attempt. The things you've attempted with only temporary commitment and failed to create. And now think about how you are, or how you could be, when the possibility of failure is nonexistent in your field of consciousness. What if you could be that person much more often, and with the things that matter most to you?  

That is why I have created this course. My firm belief is that none of us needs to settle. We are designed to create miracles. And we possess the ability to alter our states rapidly and the ALL IN! State is the ultimate psychological state for getting shit done. So my mission here is to help you to fully appreciate the nature and the power of the ALL IN! State, how to create it at will, and how to use it to manifest excellence in all disciplines of your life.

I went through ALL IN! again yesterday and have done so several times across the years. And each time it strengthens, makes an impact, encourages and inspires me.

- Heman Smith

See What's Inside ALL IN! 2.0
(and why you should care)

Module 1:  The Leap

Module 2:  The Decision Distinction

Module 3:  ALL IN! vs. Other

Module 4:  Am I In? How Do I Get In??

Module 5:  ALL IN! All the Time

Module 6:  What If It's Not Working Out?

Module 7:  The 3 D's and No Guarantees

The ALL IN! mentality is the the most powerful state of mind in which to exist, in getting what you want. Chris does a masterful job of bringing this to life and provides techniques and imagery to help us apply and reinforce this fact. I highly recommend the program as well as Chris’ other material.  

David Earhart, President Quest Software

David Earhart

President, Quest Software

Dorris has opened the door into the top performance training only available to  professional athletes and leaders at the highest level, until now. If you are up to push the limits of your own mental toughness and take your success to the next level this is the program for you.

Devon Bandison

Devon Bandison

Devon Bandison Company, Inc.

What this course does is help create clarity and a focus on your future desires (goals), but more importantly, eliminates any perceived problems that derail most people from achieving what it is they want in Life.  If you have an opportunity to get ALL IN! on this course... DO IT!! You will not be disappointed!!"


Robert Diaz

Entrepreneur & BadAss enjoyer of Life!!

About Your Instructor


I started my career as a social worker working on the streets of Atlantic City, helping the mentally ill, drug addicted and homeless populations upgrade their lives.

I then decided to marry my passion for the power of the human spirit with my passion for sports. So I moved to Arizona to attend graduate school at Arizona State University. I created an internship with the Men’s Golf Team which evolved into a paid position as the formal Mental Toughness Coach. Over the course of those ten years I really learned a ton about the mechanics of training the mind. My new mission was to coach professional and amateur golfers. And I did that.

I’ve trained the minds of world famous actors, NFL and NHL Coaches, business executives, Superbowl Champions and billionaires. And now I’m a “coach’s coach” as well, helping them build thriving practices. I can honestly say I live a work-free life. Because I truly love what I do, and I love the folks with whom I do it.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

If you do all the work and don't notice a dramatic result in your life, I'll gladly give you a full refund.  All you have to do is message me with your proof that you actually followed the path I've laid out for you.  Full refund.  I'll add that I am using technology in this course that shows me how much of the course people have actually completed.  

So, if you are not ALL IN! on learning how to be ALL IN!, then please do us both a favor and don't sign up for this course. 

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