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TOUGH TALKS: The Biology of Belief, with Sal Ponzio

In December of 2019, Sal Ponzio was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the esophagus, liver, stomach, intestines and lymph nodes. He was given three months to live and was told to sell off his assets and prepare to live the best he could for those 3 months.

After spending one of those months in disbelief, he had an epiphany and he made a decision, “I’m not going out like this.” He has been recovering now for about 15 months and things are looking good but he isn’t out of the woods.

He uses an American Football analogy. When he was given his diagnosis and prognosis, the rival team (death) was on the one yard line about to score the winning blow that would seal the game. Now he’s turned it around. He stopped them and now he’s – as he calls it – in field goal range on second down. If you don’t get football, suffice it to say this, that’s a hell of a turn-around, AND it’s far from over.

Sal talks to us about how he chooses to live now and what he does both physically and mentally to conquer the beast of cancer.

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  1. Diane Johns says:

    Wow — what an inspirational guy Sal is! Sure makes me put into perspective any “bad day” I might have. Thanks for sharing his story, Chris!

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