TOUGH TALKS: The New Irrelevance of Intelligence with Dr. Alan D. Thompson

So now that your career is going to be totally obsolete soon, what are your plans?

You do realize that Artificial Intelligence is completely disrupting life as we know it, right? And that it’s impossible to predict the magnitude of that disruptiveness?

How do you plan to survive? Oh, wait, that may be an irrelevant question as well. In fact, I’m hoping that I’ll be out of a job. I’m hoping that AI will make this whole “Mental Toughness” business a thing of the past. AI will make life such that Mental Toughness isn’t even needed because our needs are all met and we are free to experience all the magic that life has to offer.

At least that’s one way to envision what’s right around the corner (or already here) with Artificial Intelligence.

And our guest today, Dr. Alan D. Thompson, AI Expert, has some truly mind-blowing information to share with us about the impending effects of AI, and how he sees it illogical to assume that AI could bring disaster. But who knows?

What we can count on is that life is about to change. In ways that we aren’t even capable of imagining yet.

More about Alan:


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  1. Ernesto Belmont says:

    As far as today and the near foreseen future, AI will not send us to the disaster. AI will be a perfect medica diagnostic, BUT it will be necessary to have an human being together with the diagnostic. If the IA is enough to know how to satisfy all we need, then the AI will destroy us as a negative element int he nature.

    • The Mental Toughness Coach says:

      Isn’t it fascinating, Ernesto?! You say if AI is enough to address all of our problems, it will destroy us as a negative element in nature? That’s an interesting perspective.

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