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TOUGH TALKS: Normalizing the Miraculous with Devon Bandison

We got him back! Live and in-person this time! The infamous, internationally acclaimed coach, author, and speaker Devon Bandison.

This time we are discussing a topic that Devon has really been diving very deeply into recently – Normalizing the Miraculous. Here’s what that means…

You could argue that pressing a button on a remote control and having the result be that a channel changes on the TV across the room is miraculous. But we are so used to it that we don’t really think of it as very miraculous. It really is quite amazing – the technology – when you slow down enough to think about it. Which we don’t do. Ever.

Now, what if we were able to view life in such a way that the things that matter FAR more to us than being able to effectively change a channel on the TV could become equally “normal?” Like, the creation of our biggest visions and dreams for ourselves just became pretty normal. That’s just what we do. We have huge desires, and then we simply go create them into reality.

Then what would the new “miraculous” be?

Devon’s first Tough Talk episode back in February 2018!

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