TOUGH TALKS: Deliberate Inspiration with THEE Godfather of Coaching! with Steve Chandler

This guy is the best speaker I have ever seen and heard. And he’s won numerous awards for it. He’s also written about 40 books that have been translated into over 25 languages.

He is funny as hell. Sneaky funny. You listen to this guy and you laugh as you learn.

I am so super pumped to bring you THEE Godfather of Coaching!

More about Steve Chandler:


Kobe Bryant Inspiration video:

Gratitude HD Video:

Here’s the audio only version, which you can also download as an MP3 file to listen to on the go.

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  1. Chris Christie says:

    Another great episode! I have listened to Steve Chandler a number of times but this episode inspires me to follow him a bit more closely. An episode with two great leaders!

    • Chris Dorris says:

      Thanks, Chris! He’s one of my favorite people and I have learned sooooo much from him. I appreciate the comment.

  2. Janine Rusted says:

    Great interview Chris thank you. I have added you as a friend on FB as I would love to join your group. I love your music, website and the fun interviews you host and so insightful!!

    This was another amazing interview with the amazing Steve Chandler. I am so excited as I have just joined his online ACS programme. Getting so much out of it and it was great to see you as a Guest in his programme. Keep the great work up and thank you so much for being you :-))))

    • The Mental Toughness Coach says:

      Hi, Janine! Great to be connected. And thank you for your kind acknowledgment!

      I’ve learned so much from Steve. He’s a Legend! And a great podcast guest as well.

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