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TOUGH TALKS: Bill Giruzzi “Solving the Unsolvable”

Earth Day, April 22nd, 2040 will mark the End of All Human Suffering caused by our current way of life.

I have literally been looking forward to this interview for months!

I am absolutely fascinated by this man, Bill Giruzzi, who has produced a document – a small book called “Solving the Unsolvable” that I consider to be one of the boldest declarations, and brilliantly expansive intellectual gestures I’ve ever come across. I’m sure you will all dig it too.

Everyday there are seeds being planted. Right now as you read these words someone is having an idea that has the potential to alter the course of humanity. Some might call what I’ve written one of those seeds. I more like to think of it as the soil. For me, the words in this document are designed to create fertile ground; they create a space for the seeds to grow. You may never create a seed but you, like me, can tend to the soil. And so, never forget, we all have a part to play in the transformation of our planet. We all have something to say about what happens next. What do you say?

Here’s the audio only version, which you can also download as an MP3 file to listen to on the go.

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