TOUGH TALKS – “Beer-Boarding” in the Scrapple Belt with Dogfish Head Sam Calagione

Inherent within your passions are the mechanics for stratospheric success.

Sam Calagione, founder and brewer at Dogfish Head Brewery, is proof of that. Sam trusted his passion for crafting what he refers to as “off-centered” beers and 26 years later he has literally created a food and beverage (and lodging) dynasty! And he’s having a boatload of fun doing it.

He is meticulous about a lot of things. The level of creativity he puts into his creations is astounding. He travels the planet to meet people and discover ingredients that have never before been used or combined, to create some of the most unusual brews in history.

He uses that same level of meticulousness in creating his remarkable culture. I’ve experienced it firsthand. It’s epic. The quality of customer service is remarkable. The lightness of being is intoxicating – even before your first sip!

I define success as having your life on your terms. We have a lot to learn from Sam about this!


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Here’s the audio only version, which you can also download as an MP3 file to listen to on the go.

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