TOUGH TALKS – Moving Minds with Mushrooms with Jake “The Snake” Plummer

“We are on a mission to move minds with mushrooms.”

That’s a quote from his website, His name is Jake “The Snake” Plummer and he is a former NFL quarterback turned mushroom farmer.

His new chosen assignment in life is to remind us here in the Western cultures about the profound healing qualities of functional (and hopefully soon-to-be-legalized) psychedelic mushrooms.

Join us for a deep dive into the magical nature of “The Fungal Queendom”!

p.s. Jake even offered The Tough Talks Tribe a discount on any products. I share that discount code at the very end.

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[00:01:44] Chris Dorris: Hey everyone. Welcome back to Tough Talks, conversations on Mental Toughness. I am your host, Chris Doris. And before I introduce our amazing guest today, uh, let’s take care of our one housekeeping item. As as usual, if you aren’t getting the daily dose, mental toughness tips in 30 seconds or less, delivered to your email inbox every morning, every day of the year, 365, it’s 6:00 AM ish, wherever you are in the world.

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L I S t s, christopher Name, email, click, and you get the goods. Jake the snake. That’s our guy today. I, I’m pumped as hell about this. His name is Jake Plumer. For those of you who don’t know, he played, he was a quarterback for, uh, Arizona State University, which is where I went to graduate school.

And I actually was, um, the mental coach for the coaching staff of the football team right after Jake left. With, uh, coach Dirk Cutter, you know, so it’s this whole ASU situation is near and dear to my heart. He was best friends with, uh, pat Tillman. We’ll see if we can get Pat in the conversation. Absolute hero, the late great Pat Tillman.

They were besties. So, um, Jake is, you know, he played 10 years in the nfl. He played six here for the Cardinals. He was drafted by the Cardinals. Outta college, which is pretty cool, you know, cause he played in the same stadium. It was before the Cardinals built their own stadium. So he actually played his Sundevil stadium, that’s where the Cardinals played.

So that was pretty neat. And then he played four years, um, in Denver where he, he lives near Denver now. And, you know, a couple months ago I was working out with my trainer. Billy B Dubs, my inter trainer. He’s a former Tough Talks guest, also Billy Wood Massey. And we were talking about Jake cuz Jake is in the world of mushrooms now.

Uh, so we were, we were just talking about him. And then very surely after that I went to play golf at the place here at Mesa Country Club, where I play in Arizona. And, um, Declan is, uh, Jake’s nephew. He works at the club and I met him and said, ah, I was just talking about your uncle, man. I’d love to meet.

He said, I’ll introduce you. So thank you, Declan. So he introduced us and, and we got him on the show. So, uh, I’m really. An absolute novice, um, when it comes to the world of mushrooms, I wanna learn, I, I have a feeling we’re we’re gonna get educated good here from a master who is now, uh, dedicating his life to the healing, healing physiologically and, um, psychological healing qualities of functional mushrooms.

And I want to talk to him about, I want him to define that for me. And then there’s psychedelic. I wanna talk about the psychedelic side as well, which I think is some near future stuff. So anyway, uh, without further ado, Jake is waiting for us. Let’s go find the man. There he is, the man, the legend. Jake the snake.

Jake Plumber.

[00:05:24] Jake Plummer: What’s up, bro? Oh man. Just enjoying life and uh, enjoying getting to meet, uh, individuals like yourself that are. Doing something, whether it’s podcasts or working with athletes or planting a tree to make the world better. Whatever it is, man. So it’s, uh, it’s a pleasure to join you today.


[00:05:42] Chris Dorris: man. I appreciate you making the time. I know you got a lot going on and it’s goodness. And I gotta tell you, this is where I was wanting to start here. I saw there’s a sentence that’s on your website that really, really caught my attention and is, is, um, well it’s pretty much the reason I do what I do.

So your sentence on the website, Is we are on a mission to move minds with mushrooms. Now I don’t, I’m not moving minds with mushrooms, at least not at the moment. But my whole life is about moving minds, right? My whole world. It’s what this podcast, tough Talks, conversations on mental toughness is all about moving minds.

So I love that. Can you elaborate on that? We’re moving, we’re on a mission to move mines with mushrooms.

[00:06:26] Jake Plummer: Yeah, I mean, you can basically, um, just think about it as, as anybody that’s curious and, and has, has the, uh, ambition and that seeks whether that’s knowledge or seeks the be, you know, good food or is out to just like move your mind to another level, not get stuck in the regular common everyday.

Uh, you know, regurgitated, uh, whatever it may be on, on the radio or on TV or the regular old social norms would like to, to move. Mines using mushrooms because we’ve felt the, the power behind that whole entire, uh, fungal, I call it a kingdom, not a kingdom. Cuz I, I believe that Oh, that’s neat. Has, has a lot of, uh, it, the fungal kingdom, it, it leaks into every other kingdom, you know.

Plants, animals, all of that. There’s all this like, uh, all of this outside of this world that is all run through mycelium and the beautiful, you know, mycelium, web and fungus. So I don’t say fungus in a bad way. Fungus in a good way. Fungi, you know, the fungi is huge. And so we’re trying to again, just bring something to western medicine and western society that was really eliminated for a long time.

Mm. And it’s not like we’re. Some new scientist or, uh, researcher discovering these new things. This isn’t a discovery, this is a remembrance of of time, way back. We’re just channeling this information to anybody that’s wanting to listen and has a curious mind. Uh, that’s, I

[00:08:02] Chris Dorris: love that. So, all right. I want, we, we’re gonna need some education from you.

All right. Okay. So what I’m thinking that this sounds cool to you is to talk, um, Functional versus psychedelic. All right. What does that even, what does that stuff mean? But I have another question before we even get to that. Um, and then the future, like what do you see happening? You know, and what do you want to see happening?

Right. And, and of course all related to, uh, the mind. But, but how did it, so your company is called Ambo. Yeah. Right. And Ambo is a raised area in the center of a mushroom cap.

[00:08:37] Jake Plummer: Yeah. The very tip top, like the crest. Yeah. It also is a, is a boss on a shield that a shield going into battle. And that little bump on the, on the.

Tip Uhhuh on the middle of the shield that’s raised. So that’s also an ambo. And we have an ambo in our eardrum. Mm-hmm. Where our eardrum comes to a point. It’s like anything that’s the tip top point. So UMO kind of has a dual meaning. We wanted to be great, one of the best, most trusted, um, products on the market as this new market is coming into the fold and.

More people are discovering it as a form of, uh, optimizing your general health and wellbeing. Yes. And we wanted to kind of plan ourselves with a very good, uh, brand or, you know, a term ambo to be, Hey, if you’re looking for the best, we’re the top that works.

[00:09:23] Chris Dorris: Now, before we get into all the what, like what is functional, what is psychedelic, what is going on?

What are the effects, what are the benefits? Let’s talk about the why for a second here, like, Of all the things, all the ways that you could be using your, your post n f l life, why this and how?

[00:09:41] Jake Plummer: Um, well, it’s been a journey since I retired in oh six. You know, I did the do nothing for a while, live in the woods, decompress from the whole entire, you know, 10 years in the N F L, four years in Arizona, state of high level.

Performance. Um, I went to grad, I went to

[00:09:56] Chris Dorris: grad. I, I actually, I forgot to tell you this, but Dirk, right after you, I just missed you. I actually coached the coaching staff with Dirk. Dirk hired, worked with the

[00:10:04] Jake Plummer: team Dirk in Idaho. Idaho Boy too. You know his dad. That’s right. Right, right. Tell and yeah. Good, good family there.

Uh, great coach, uh, you know, really did his part. But, um, yeah, so, so, uh, I went through, you know, all of the post-season, post-career. Ups and downs of a rollercoaster. Um, coached a little bit, did a little TV broadcast, a little radio. Had my own podcast, um, dabbled in a digital playbook called Ready List Sports that’s still out there.

It’s a all-in-one platform for teaching the game of football. Mm-hmm. Um, ready list It’s a great app for flag football all the way up to the pros. And so I dabbled in that being an entrepreneur. Um, but really what changed. My trajectory was working with Charlotte’s Webb, the hemp oils that were very misunderstood as, uh, lumped together with marijuana and cannabis.

And so everybody just assumed when I was talking hemp oils that I was wanting them to get stoned and go binge watch friends and eat Cheetos and be a pothead stoner. And I’m like, whoa, let’s even like evaluate what marijuana is being used for here in Colorado and not just assume that it’s. Oli on fast times smoking marijuana.

A lot of high level, high level individuals that are performing athletically or even uh, intellectually have used this as a medicine for a long time, and it’s just becoming aware. So huge education there. The Charlotte’s Webb worked with children that were suffering from extreme, um, uh, seizures. Really, really some really sad stories of mothers that were being persecuted for giving their children hemp oil, which had no psychotropic effect.

Way different than THC in marijuana. Um, yet just another misunderstood plant. And so the education there with the football players using it to help us and how profound it was on our healing. Brought light to these mothers that have been fighting for a long time to be able to give this to their children, that it was also having a profound effect on their day-to-day existence and lives.

So it was really, really powerful to step into plants and even just nature as medicine. Fast forward to Del Jolly, who’s my business partner with. Ambo introduces me to Rashad Evans, former UFC Hall of Famer gives us some tinctures. Right before the pandemic, I started taking mushroom tins. And it was like, wow, I’m not, I’m not getting sick.

What is this whole thing? I feel better, my clarity, my thoughts, my sleep, my inflammation in my body. I noticed sizable differences in how I was functioning and feeling every day. And so we thought, let’s do this. Let’s get into, um, being a company that’s the top. Let’s gonna do it ethically with a very, very important cause behind this.

Not a mission to make a bunch more money and be an entrepreneur and sell my stock off and all that. No way. I want to get this out to people. I want people to be under at least, you know, a misunderstanding again of the whole range of, of, of fungi that are out there in this huge queendom that we know very little about.

And we’ve only scratched the surface. It’s been used in Chinese medicine and in eastern medicine for centuries to treat all kinds of ailments and disease even being used to, uh, help in cancer treatments or even treat. Uh, patients that are willing to use it to help with cancer. I’m not saying it cures cancer, but I know there’s a lot of properties in these amazing organisms that are showing signs and have been used, and there’s anecdotal evidence and there’s research done over in, uh, China that’s showing, uh, Really, the sky’s the limit.

And so to be able to jump into this now and have gone through my path of retire have those moments of, damn, I missed the game. Moving into, oh, my body’s starting to now fall apart. I need to get surgeries to the mental side of being depressed. Because what could compare to playing the game on Sunday?

There’s really very few things that could compare to being. One of the best in the entire world at what I was doing and leading a team out in front of 75,000 people, whether they were cheering for us or against us, you know, what can we get to compare? There’s really nothing. So you have to find something you’re passionate about.

And I’ve always been into nature. I’ve loved mushrooms. Not to the level I know them and enjoy them now, but I knew about them and have been a fan of them, but didn’t understand the functional side of, of this whole entire. Adaptogenic organism. That’s so good and so bioavailable and so similar to us humans.


Yeah. That term is, um, came about through the, through, um, the, the World War I with the German army. Uh, trying to help them adapt to being out in the field with stuff being fired at them, to being able to go rest. They were hitting these highs and lows. And so adaptogens help counter them in between of like, you get so extreme anxiety or you get so down here, low depression or whatever it is, let’s find a middle line.

And Adaptogenics seem to be able to balance that out in our bodies. And so there’s a lot of adaptogens out there, but mushrooms are one of the best.

[00:15:19] Chris Dorris: Well, wow. I love the sentence I wrote it down. Just another misunderstood plant.

[00:15:24] Jake Plummer: Yeah. But it’s not a plant. It has its own queendom. So there’s a whole nother thing.

This is an entire Oh, you, yeah. You’re using that in reference, I think to, yeah. I say, you know, nature, nature medicine is, nature is medicine. You know, and that’s where, you know, when you ask, how did I get to here? I don’t know. Um, I’m open to receive. I, I, I have great people that come into my lives that, that see me and understand who I am.

And like Dale Jolly as a visionary, one of my best friends. And he’s introduced me not only to, he’s introduced me to all fungi, ev all of the levels. You can do it, do it. And I’m grateful for that. And I wanna share that story so other people can understand. There are, there are ways you can take health, take some of your health back in your own hand and start feeling better and functioning at a different level.

Optimize your day-to-day existence, which, Talking earlier with you, you know, you’re gonna wake up and I’m gonna have a great day. It’s gonna be a beautiful day. And like, if you tell yourself that the mind has an interesting way of receiving that. No, and, and creating more of those cells that believe that rather than, oh damn, here’s another day.

You know? So it’s just a lot of it has to do with what happens in your head and your gut and your body. And, um, I’m a believer in it because it’s helped me tremendously. Yeah.

[00:16:38] Chris Dorris: You just mentioned gut, you know, um, I focus so much on the mind, but I’ve been learning a little bit lately about the gut and, and I’m fascinated with the sentence that we’ve all used forever, which is, well, trust your gut.


[00:16:53] Jake Plummer: your gut. Mm-hmm. What, what

[00:16:55] Chris Dorris: does that mean to you? Trust your, like, like, like in the, not, not in the euphemistic way. Like in a scientific way? What does that mean to you?

[00:17:03] Jake Plummer: Well, I mean, if we want to think about it, we have our chakra centers too that run right up through our spine. And one of them is located in your, you know, a lot of, there’s, they’re all the way from your root all the way up to the crown.

And, uh, down where the gut is, is where a lot of intuition is, where a lot of, um, trust in yourself and being able to have, uh, Rooted to where you are. Uh, so trusting your gut to me is, is um, when you feel that feeling and you feel something is right or you feel that it’s not, is to not, not shun that. Okay.

That feeling came about. Why is that? And then a lot of times it leads to you go down the right path. I’ve trusted my gut many, many, many times. Mm-hmm. I do that now. Even when I meet people or, or find a connection and have somebody say that wants to invest in ambo. I trust my gut because we don’t want anybody, just anybody.

And I don’t wanna sound like you know, higher than mighty, but like, this is a cause this isn’t invest in us. We’ll turn your million into 20. No, no, no. We’re gonna try to do this right and we’re gonna benefit yes. But our plans are to take what we raise and what we, what we get from this, and do even bigger, greater things to help create healing centers.

To help create, you know, mushroom co gourmet mushroom cultivation. Um, boxes in, in the food deserts where, where kids are not getting the nutrition they need to again, take care of their gut. That directly correlates to, correlates to how well your brain functions. It’s, it’s, it’s being proven what our gut has in it, how your gut performs if it’s functioning well and absorbing the nutrients.

It is going straight to how to, how well your brain, it’s feeding your brain. So, you know, you put high octane gas in your car. If you put the right things in your stomach, it still might not work if your stomach is not working properly. And Turkey tail is a mushroom that is showing in and makes Turkey tail.

Turkey tail. Yes. Turkey tail trim. Trim. S color is the Latin name. And so it’s a beautiful mushroom. It’s not one you would eat gourmet, but it’s one that you can extract in your, in your gut. It ha it’s, it’s helping. Um. Clean, clean your gut and help it function at a lot better rate, which in turn correlates to better clarity, more focus, higher level thinking.

So it also is being used in Japan to help treat breast cancer. So again, a, a mushroom that has some things that we know that it can do, but the more we, we, we start, um, taking these and have people understand and like be aware of their bodies and, and share with us what it’s doing. We’re finding out that it’s doing even more than we know, and so it’s a beautiful thing to be involved in.

It really has changed my life to know that we’re scratching the surface of, you know, the Empire State Building. We have basically built the foundation of what we know is wow. The foundation is what we know right now of the mushrooms, and then every brick that’s been made that was put into that building, that’s another.

Organism we have yet to discover, or even that we may have discovered yet we haven’t been able to see if maybe there is some bioavailability to the human body that can help with all of this, you know, disease and ailments and things that we’re suffering from. So it’s, it’s really exciting. That is exciting to tell, man.

A hundred years. You know, it’ll be a little further on, but we still,

[00:20:25] Chris Dorris: I wanna talk to you about that. What you’re, you see, but, but, but first, like, dumb it down for us. Okay. Uh, shrooms 1 0 1 man. What is, what does functional mushroom even mean? What’s functional? Why the word functional and then what’s the difference between that and

[00:20:40] Jake Plummer: psychedelic?

Yeah, so we, we break ’em down. I do basically three categories, you know, functional are the ones that you would use to function better, that would help your body, uh, come to balance. And some of what I’ve listed, the ones we focus on, um, where we grow out at Michael Love Farm are, uh, lions main cor deceptions and rei.

And so those all are functional. Um, corsets are not gourmet. REI are not gourmet lions main is actually one of the most beautiful gourmet mushrooms on the planet. It was so yummy to cook, yet it also is a functional mushroom, so it does have dual purpose. Um, then you throw in, uh, you know, sh shiitake that’s also really good for us functionally, but also a great gourmet mushroom, oyster mushrooms that are starting to grow on, on trees right now in the spring and come out.

Cuz the temperatures are right and the humidity, they’re also extremely good for, for your body. But they’re also amazing gourmet to eat at home. So there’s gourmet, like I’m mentioning that people are familiar with like portobello mushrooms or the little white cini in the, in the, um, restaurants. They come from the agar family, which actually the garrick’s are poisonous.

So if you eat too many of those, they may not be great for you. And that’s, that’s a great mushroom, but it really doesn’t have a ton of of value. Like I mentioned with like lions main mm-hmm. Or, um, Chestnut mushrooms. Or oyster mushrooms, or if you go out in storage or morels, uh, chan trails, there’s so many mushrooms out there gourmet that are so good for you, uh, to eat and taste really good.

Um, so then now we jump into the, the one that’s, that causes a lot of confusion and that’s the psychedelic mushrooms, uh, you know, psilocybin, cubis, its mushroom. That became well known. Um, in the seventies or sixties actually, and, and, and people started using it. Um, it was in Oaxaca in Mexico, Maria, Sabina, there’s a long line.

You can dive into the rabbit hole and learn a lot about her and what they did in their indigenous community to treat and just to use the, the psilocybin mushroom for general health. And they didn’t have mental health. They, they cur, they didn’t have a lot of mental health issues because this was something that was just part of what they did.

As a Native American tribe. Um, so then it came into Western culture. They did a lot of research in the seventies and then it all got shelved, uh, when the war on drugs came around. Um, so psychedelics will take you on a hallucinogenic experience, will take you into, um, you know, other realms, whatever you wanna say.

And they’re not to be taken lightly as like a recreational thing. I. Microdosing has now become something a lot of people are doing, where you take a little teeny bit, you don’t even, you have no visuals, you have no idea that you’re even taking it, but it is helping. A lot of people with depression, anxiety, P T S D, you name it.

We’re having a lot of, uh, results with people at high, high levels microdosing. So, so

[00:23:43] Chris Dorris: let’s slow that down a Scotia. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Cause cause I don’t, I don’t wanna assume that people even know what that means, but, okay. Because this is unbelievably valuable, ma’am. Yeah, this is like huge. I used to be a licensed therapist and I left that to go to coaching.

You know why? Speed. Yeah. Right. The technologies are advancing. Right. And it’s all about reducing unnecessary goddamn human suffering. Yes. So this is amazing to me everything that you’re saying. So I wanna slow some of this stuff down for people to make sure I don’t wanna assume. So tell, tell me about microdosing.

[00:24:17] Jake Plummer: Microdosing is, is taking, you know, you know, 75 milligrams, maybe a hundred milligrams of, uh, psilocybin. There’s lots of different strings, different different types. In a powder form. Uh, Paul Stamets, he’s one of the leading, he’s been a leading mushroom mycologist expert. He’s, he is the leading, how do you spell his last name?

Sta Miz. S t a m e t S. Okay, thanks. And he’s lives in the northwest. He’s studied these things forever. His story is amazing. His Ted talks are phenomenal. He is a high level intellectual, brilliant human that has been behind the movement of, you know, using mushrooms. Um, To help save the world, everyone. Wow.

Included all plants, all animals. So he’s a very, uh, very, very, uh, in influential person in this a as an educator, speaks in a different, in a different way than me. I did not study this. I’m just learning it. I’m studying it as I go. But he’s been doing this for years and his stack was psilocybin with some lions main and some niacin, and that would help.

You know, push the, the psilocybin through the lion’s main, which is, um, huge in neuronal projection and neuronal growth and repair throughout the whole body. So it’s taking it out to the neurons, helping them search for more connections. Um, and then niacin also works with the blood to help it get all the way out to the extreme parts of your body.

And so with the microdosing, a lot of people are finding a lot of, of, um, relief from stress day-to-day stress. Uh, again, anxiety. Um, I, I can’t break you down in the science of it cuz we’re all just kind of learning that as we go. Sure. Yeah. Uh, but it, but when you go into past microdosing and go into, you know, a, a, a ceremony with the mushroom, with psilocybin, you’re taking a, a larger dose, like three grams.

Four grams, you know, heroes, doses go from six and up where you’re taking a lot of hero heroes, hero, hero dose, they call it hero dose. It makes it

[00:26:19] Chris Dorris: sound like it’s cool. Like I, well,

[00:26:21] Jake Plummer: I mean, I wanna be the hero. So again, like this isn’t something like, oh, you hear me talk about this, and you run down and get some and take it and, and you know, oh, this wasn’t fun.

I freaked out. Well, you were by yourself in your basement with no one there to help you. This is something serious. It’s sacred. It’s not to be played with. Yeah, and a lot of people use it to go, um, go out to the mountains or go to a concert. Um, a higher dose will uh, kind of regulate your default mode network, which is the default mode network regulates like your, when we go like, oh, I should go over there.

Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t. You have that little voice in your head that constantly says, well, wait, don’t do that. Hey, you shouldn’t drive over that log. Or, you know, you shouldn’t go climb up that tree. When you take psilocybin, it shuts that down, so then you’re not. You’re not being silly and like climbing and getting yourself in danger, but it just takes that self-doubt away and lets you drop into really being super present and in the oneness that’s created all of what, what surrounds us.

So they’re using it to the real cool research that’s happening right now as they’re using psilocybin for, uh, extreme addiction and alcoholism. Oh yeah, this is a problem in our country. So this isn’t me just making this up to make people buy our product. This is me. Helping inform people like, use this, start doing some research.

Your doctor is needed. Western medicine has a purpose, but lately it’s been to give you a pill to help the pharmaceutical company make money to help them prosper while we all remain in this cycle of. Why am I not feeling good? Why can’t I think what is my outlook for life to get Alzheimer’s dementia and be limited in my mobility and have arthritis and all this brain cogniti function decline?

No. The function of being a human and living is to optimally live as long as we possibly can to the highest level we can. And right now we’re realizing that that fungi are, are one route you can investigate and look at to possibly, uh, accomplish that.

What are, uh,

[00:28:27] Chris Dorris: psychedelic mushrooms legal anywhere in this country right now?

[00:28:30] Jake Plummer: They’re, they’re not, they’re classified schedule one. Um, what happened here in Denver last year, we, we passed a proposition to decriminalize nature, not just meaning psilocybin, but you know, peyote San Pedro, uh, cactus. I mean, there’s a lot of plants in nature.

That help, that can help us that have been, um, put on schedule one or deemed, you know, illegal. And for us as humans, I think it’s our right to eat a carrot if we want, or to take peyote if you want, because it’s coming from Earth. You believe in God and you believe that God created everything on this planet for all of us, for everything, the balance.

And these, these are here for our benefit. Not to uh, not to our detriment, but they’re also here to be treated sa with sacred. Righteous reverence and not toyed with, but to actually have some purpose behind and understand what kind of, uh, you know, what things they, what they can do for us to, as you do as a mental coach, help people optimize and live better and function better.

So it’s been amazing, man. I’m like, my journey’s, it’s so fun. It’s like, here I am and uh, it’s helping me, but I’m learning daily. I’m not perfect. I have bad days. I have bad days that come up. We all do. There’s a balance. But I know that I work through it at a different rate and in a different way, benefiting from what I’ve learned through sitting with, with psilocybin microdosing when I need to, but taking functional mushrooms every day and trying to eat gourmet mushrooms as much as I can.

Are you familiar with

[00:30:06] Chris Dorris: ayahuasca? Mm-hmm. Well, well, is there a relation I ask, isn’t it a combination of plants?

[00:30:16] Jake Plummer: Yeah, it’s two, two plants together, uh, that have been used for forever down in, uh, south America. Uh, and it’s becoming, you know, pretty well known and, and a lot of people, uh, you know, coming to it, to use it as a, as a form just to advance and, and maybe.

Visit some past traumas that you may be stored away that have been limiting you from being the best you can be. And we all deal with traumas, you know? David, why were

[00:30:42] Chris Dorris: these things that deemed illegally? I know you mentioned a few minutes ago, you know, the war on drugs happened. Uh, why?

[00:30:51] Jake Plummer: That’s a good question.

Like what’s

[00:30:53] Chris Dorris: the thinking behind

[00:30:54] Jake Plummer: that? Uh, I mean, we could go deep into all kinds of conspiracies and rabbit holes of, you know, Do we want high level functioning humans, questioning how society is and how it’s been for years, and what are the norms and why do we, why do we go to college and get debt, then work our asses off to own a home, to have more debt to then retire when we’re 70 and our memories fading and we have arthritis And life is really not great.

Um, when you get into this realm and you open yourself up to, to understand that, I find beauty when I’m, wherever I’m at. I mean, I find it no matter where I’m at. I look for it. It doesn’t, it, it’s not something I, I seek, it just shows up, you know, like I love that sitting outside under a tree and understanding the beauty of that tree.

And like, we get so caught up today and in our, in our push to always excel and sometimes taking your foot off the gas, slowing down, you’ll excel even faster than you ever have with full throttle down. And so, It, it’s a huge shift and it’s hard for people to make when they’re coming home watching the game, watching ESPN or watching bad, you know, watching TV all the time, or diving into electronics and what they’re putting in their bodies, what they’re drinking, what they’re eating, who they’re hanging out with, how they’re speaking about themselves.

Mm. The words they used to, the, the thoughts they put out when they looked at themselves in the mirror and like this all was. I’ve been around a long time, but it’s becoming more and more prevalent for, for people to become aware and not only become aware, but then institute the change you need to, to create the life you want while we’re here for this short little time.

Like, and we’re gone and so let’s, let’s all kind of raise our vibration and if we collectively do that, then there’s change happening that can’t be stopped. You can’t, you can’t stop what’s happening right now. It’s, there’s, there’s major things happening right now. With, with psychedelics and people coming to grips with life and what really matters, and it’s not having three cars in your garage, one of which you maybe drive once in a while.

It’s, it’s enjoying the people you’re with. It’s building communities, so when tough times come, you’re not alone in your basement. It’s contemplating ending it. You’re actually surrounded by people that love you and will hold you and help you through the tough times, as you will do for them when it comes around their turn to deal with.

What life presents us when none of us are getting outta here alive. So we all better be braced for having the tools to deal with this. You know what life hands us? And, and when you do that, you, you, you spend less time focused and worried on the bad in the world. And your shift goes to what’s so beautiful in this world and what’s amazing in this world, cuz it’s, we’re surrounded by beauty.

Preach, baby. Preach,

[00:33:40] Chris Dorris: bro. I’m loving what you’re throwing down, baby. That’s nice, man. That’s, thank you. No, that’s, thank you, Holmes, because thank you for the way you’re choosing to use your life, man. You created a platform from excellence in sport and you’re using it beautifully, and, and so I appreciate what you’re bringing and, and I’m, I’m excited as hell talking.

I was excited as hell looking, I was really looking forward to this, and this is why, the way I’m feeling right now. So, okay. There’s a beautiful segue right there into our last topic, which is future, man. What are you

[00:34:11] Jake Plummer: saying? Ah, you know, it’s, it’s, I hope you got good news. Well, the future really is, is, uh, any, nothing you can control.

And, uh, what do you, I’m not trying, what do I predict?

[00:34:27] Chris Dorris: What do you, what would you like to see happen? I know I’m changing my questions, but whatever.

[00:34:31] Jake Plummer: Well, you know, for me and what I see in my future is, um, a long, healthy life full of a lot of love and experiences and people and connections. Um, also just trying to be the best version of me that I can, loving myself first and foremost, so that I can represent myself well to my children, my family, my community.

Um, and that all just comes through, uh, day-to-day learning and, and, and carrying yourself and. The light you wanna carry yourself in, um, the future of where we’re going as far as, um, I think, you know, sports are never going away. High impact sports are never going away. Uh,

[00:35:08] Chris Dorris: the damage, I mean, specifically with mushrooms though, right?

The future, what is going to be happening?

[00:35:12] Jake Plummer: So, so, so that’s what I’m getting to is there’s a lot of people, there’s a lot of people out there that are, that have, are near and dear to me that were teammates that are suffering, you know, in the, in the. They’re not suffering, but they’re having tough, tough times adapting or finding out what’s next or moving into life.

And I feel like what’s next for mushrooms is for more people to hear a podcast like this, to redo some research themselves, maybe reach out. I mean, I’m, I’m reachable on, on Instagram at Snake Plumber. Um, I don’t mind answering questions or pointing you in the right direction for questions or answers to your questions, but it’s for us to, in the future, I think, It’s, it’s to expand our minds to more possibilities than what we da deal with day to day.

And, and find out there’s other ways to excel. There’s other ways to approach being the best at what you want to be, and it’s not always driving yourself into the ground as part as you can with all these obligations and stress. Sometimes, like I said, it’s stepping back. I always took breaks from, from the game.

I never, I never worked 12 months on football ever in my life. That was, I would’ve been done with football at age 22. I would’ve said, no way in hell this is done. I had way too many other things that were of interest to me. So diversification and being able to adapt to other things and be open-minded to what’s out there, you know, I mean, I’ve met a lot of amazing people in my life and one thing that I was always amazed by them is their curiosity.

They weren’t just status quo, okay, this is what we do. Let’s walk through this door, and we go over here and they sh hope us in the arm with this vaccine, and then we go about our life and wear our mask. And I, let’s think about this and, and not just always jump right into what we’re being told as the ultimate truth because we find out down the road, wow, those guys, some of them were not telling the truth.

And so I hope that. The growth of this turns into people, um, one being open-minded and more curious. Two, being kinder to themselves and others. And, and three is, is finding what they are passionate about and finding enjoyment in the, in day-to-day life. And so I think through mushrooms, it’s helped me find a path.

And as I mentioned, this is a. This is just starting. So I tell my nephews, my nieces, I tell people to have kids like, bring them out to my farm. Let’s get ’em out to Michael, love farm, and show them these things. Hands on. My kids are gonna be into this. They love it. At some point in their lives, they’re gonna be out finding a mushroom that could cure glaucoma or ringing in the ears, tinnitus, or you name it, who knows.

But letting people know like, this isn’t going away. This has started. So where, where is the future of mushrooms? I have no idea. Because it’s just, we’re just getting into it and, uh, I think, you know, there’s a mushroom that eats plastic that will take away and actually eliminate plastic. There’s a few, they’re finding more of ’em.

They’re finding more of them too. That’s amazing. Yeah. So here’s our problem on Earth is all this plastic that’s, that’s, It’s killing our oceans and our animals. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s everywhere. And when we’re gone, there’s gonna be a pile of plastic and it’s gonna be real embarrassing. You go to the golden, the, the pearl gates and have to answer to, yeah, I play a part in that.

I buy all this plastic and I don’t do anything about it. Like, there’s a chance that mushrooms could actually help us with that problem that we’ve created. So what’s the future? I don’t know. But people out there that are curious and wanna get into this, it’s, it’s, it’s a fascinating world and, um, I see the future of, of being more and more people being less, um, fearful and more educated about the, the, the queendom of fungi and see what happens.

Let’s see what change comes from that. Are you a Ted Lasso fan? I haven’t watched that. I’ve had a lot of people tell me to check that out. Okay.

[00:39:08] Chris Dorris: Well put me on that list. Um, okay, I I, I’m gonna send you, when we’re done, I’m gonna send you a couple things. Are you familiar with

[00:39:13] Jake Plummer: Louis Schwartzberg? Yes. Do you know him?

I’ve met Louie, talked to him on, talked to him on a couple Zooms and Unbeliev. Amazing. A fantastic fun guy. Yeah. In fact, the, the, the, the research I, him, the research I mentioned with. Psilocybin and alcoholism is being done by Lilly, and they’re, they’re doing some amazing stuff. Oh, I gotta get him. I think he, on the show, he may have come out with the results or some of the findings recently, but if you go look, uh, he, he may not have come out with it yet because they’re doing the research and it’s like, He’s having a profound effect on people’s lives with alcohol.

Alcohol. Lemme tell you a short story

[00:39:51] Chris Dorris: about Louie. So, uh, there’s a video that, I mean, he’s famous for these incredible videos that he makes. Yes. And one called Gratitude hd. And have you seen it? Yep. Okay. All right. I was just, I’m gonna send it to you, but you know it, I’ve seen It’s amazing. It’s so did, I’ve watched that thing hundreds of times cause I use it when I speak.

I use it in my coaching every time I get choked up. Man, it is so beautiful and, and I don’t know where he found Brother David Stadel Rast. You couldn’t find a better narrator for that situation. Yeah. But that’s so beautiful. One day. So I’m at this event called Summit out in LA. It happens every year and I get, you know, it.

No. Okay, so again, Jillian’s are great speakers, and Louie was the last one of the whole thing. And I was really excited to see. It was like 9:00 PM on the last day. And I got, I sat right up front, all right, and listened to him speak and it was amazing. And afterwards I jumped up, ran up, and I said, bro, can I give you a hug?

Cause I, and he said, yeah. I said, I mean, I use your gratitude video. Actually, the first thing I said to him is, I love you, man. And you know what he said back? I love you too. He don’t know who the hell I am. Yeah. Isn’t that nice? Isn’t that nice? That’s serious. A big old kindness. Yeah. So I’m gonna send you a link from Ted Lasso.

You keep saying be curious and I love that. There’s a great, you gotta

[00:41:08] Jake Plummer: watch Ted Lasso then. Yeah. And then there’s a, you gotta get,

[00:41:10] Chris Dorris: dude, it’s, it’s beautiful. It’s, it’s all about leadership. But one of the, the, one of my favorite scenes, maybe, I think it’s the best scene ever in the entire show, uh, is about being curious.

[00:41:20] Jake Plummer: Yes. Yes. So tell us about, go ahead. Go ahead. No, you go

[00:41:24] Chris Dorris: ahead. You’re the guest man. These people

[00:41:27] Jake Plummer: hear me too much. There’s a lot of people, Louie, one of them I mentioned, Paul Stamets, William Padilla Brown. There are a lot of people out that are out doing real hands-on work. You know, I’m an influencer, I have kids, I got a lot of stuff going on.

I do my work too. But there are so many people out there that are, that are diving into just like you said, curiosity to see what we can do to help the world. Thrive, heal, and, and function better. So I’m just one small piece of this. I’m a conduit of this ancient knowledge that’s, it’s not like I’m finding out something new.

This has been around a long time. So it’s a gift. It’s really a gift to be able to have influence. That’s beautiful.

[00:42:07] Chris Dorris: Tell us about these two. Yeah. The, and, and then you were a farm, right? Michael? Love, tell us,

[00:42:14] Jake Plummer: tell us about these things. Yeah., uh, that started me, Dale and Rashad Evans. Again, like I said, trying to come into this without, with the right, with the right mission, vision, and cause to respect the queen, respect fungi and not just capitalize on it and try to make a bunch of money so I can have a yacht and own an island.

That’s not the point here. If I own an island, it’s gonna be a. Island retreat for people to come and heal and feel loved and feel held, and it’s all gonna benefit people. So what we capitalize on with, with fungi is gonna go back into creating the lives we want so we can actually live in ceremony every day and, and help people find a better way to approach the challenges we face, uh, here on, on the Earth.

So Gibo is our company. We sell two types of, uh, functional mushroom bars. They’re really, really good. We set out to make a bar that you craved rather than that you just had to choke down before a workout. Um, it’s packed full two and a half grams of mushrooms, functional mushrooms that help you in a plethora of different ways.

We also have capsules that are micro rise and myco rests. The rise is a formula of cortis, ola and bio nmn. Um, biomin has been shown recently to slow down the aging process. Cortis is a natural vasodilator, which helps oxygenate your blood. So it’s a natural form of energy that you don’t crash from, have the jitters or lose your appetite, and it’s really, really good to, uh, it works together with myco rests, that’s reishi the mushroom of immortality and lions main and some theanine that help you approach your sleep cycle.

Come into it restful, everything’s calmed down, and you can actually recover in your sleep, reach rim, sleep faster and, and have better, more, more high quality sleep. So just those two capsules alone have been very, very popular and helped a lot of people. We also have tinctures. And we’re getting ready to launch a new product coming in August.

It’s gonna be, uh, something really different, but in a whole new area, which I’m excited to share when that time comes. Okay. Uh, so yeah, so, so believe us, it’s

[00:44:24] Chris Dorris: suspense tease. You’re such

[00:44:26] Jake Plummer: a tease. You know, we, we, we, we set out to kind of be in the athletic market and, and help athletes perform, but therefore everybody, um, our thing we’re coming out with in August is a little more athletic focused and more for high level performers that are working out daily.

Sweating a lot that need to replenish. What they lose. And so you may be able to put two and two together if you have any knowledge there. But, so yeah, Gibo was our first, uh, top, you know, suaree into this, um, this avenue of fungi and, and helping people. And then through Dell, my partner Michael Love Farm, uh, a friend of his bought the land and came about to where, Hey, there’s this farm, do you wanna grow mushrooms?

So about a year and a half ago I jumped on that and we now have Michael Love Farm that grows and supplies, um, Mu functional mushrooms to a lot of young companies that are coming out, the one that have, uh, their brand or, uh, they have a, a drink that they want to add the tinctures to or dog treats cuz a lot of people were finding out that dogs really benefit from Wow.

All the compounds and, and fun guys. Wow. So that’s cool. Michael? Yeah, Michael, loved farm were really, it, it really saved me about a year ago, was going through a lot of, uh, adapting and changing my life and like having the ability to go to the farm. Grow these things and nurture them from, from start to finish and provide them and the intention put into them of healing and love and all of what we do is focused on people benefiting from these.

And, uh, it’s almost like the mushrooms hear us and they feel us because people really benefit. And it’s really the intention we put behind it to, to provide something that will help people. And so it’s been a really fun journey. Um, both those companies are doing well and it’s fun to, to bounce back and forth between them.

But with my focus being on ambo right now, uh, to just keep. Making people, uh, you know, question what they’re doing and, and, and look into having a better way to function and optimally be, uh, out there every day enjoying life.

[00:46:24] Chris Dorris: I am certain that your boy, number 42 is looking down, feeling mighty proud of you, brother.

[00:46:31] Jake Plummer: I’d love to have a conversation with him about this. Cause I doubt, right? He would, he would question me and like, dig deep and make sure that I was. Are you prepared to share this knowledge? He’d start grilling me, you know, to make sure that I was ready. And so that’s, that’s a challenge for me to constantly learn.

And, and obviously, uh, you know, pat was an amazing human and had, has had a huge influence. But, you know, there’s a lot of amazing humans out there. And I’m, I’m actually meeting quite a few and having fun, like the Meial web that’s beneath everything that shares nutrients from plants to flowers, to trees.

We’re also in a network, us, us humans. And if. If we all try to connect with each other and do good, that exponentially raises the vibration of, of the Earth. And we, and good starts to be more prevalent than bad, and there’s always gonna be bad. But if we can have more good, uh, you know, it’s, it’s just less suffering, less pain people have to deal with.

[00:47:25] Chris Dorris: Amen. I’m so glad that I got to meet you. Shout out to your nephew. Yeah,

[00:47:29] Jake Plummer: Chris. It’s cool. Yeah, it’s nice how things come about. And even like you said, you know, you thought about. My name came up, and then

[00:47:36] Chris Dorris: the next, I was talking with my bill, with my trainer, Billy, we were just talking about you and what you’re up to.

I’m like, ah, man, he’s doing mushrooms. It’s in the shroom world. And then, and then like a week later, I’m at the golf course where your nephew works and Yep.

[00:47:47] Jake Plummer: Gal introduc and that, I mean, that’s that I, I can’t help but think that the mushrooms are, are part of that because they have created that connection of communication and sharing and what else under the ground with each other.

That once he comes into our systems, I think it, it just, it’s happening. It happens for me all the time. People show up, I think of them, they text me. It’s, it’s an interesting thing. And, uh, I’m glad you Synchron, synchronous baby.

[00:48:13] Chris Dorris: Yes. It’s beautiful. We’re all connected. We’re all connected. Just so, um, remind me of your, your nephew’s name.

I wanna acknowledge him. Jacqueline. Yeah. Declan. Yeah. dLAN. dLAN, right. Deklan cool name. Yep. Yep. He’s deklan. You the man.

[00:48:23] Jake Plummer: Appreciate you, bro. Yeah,

[00:48:26] Chris Dorris: so is this, I assume that’s for Colorado

[00:48:29] Jake Plummer: Co. It stands for Colorado. It also collective Community Connection Co can land stand for a lot of things. And then Michael, M y c o stands as you know, Michael, you say like Michael.

Michael file a mushroom fan. Michael stands for mushroom. So mushroom. Yeah, man, you guys doing

[00:48:48] Chris Dorris: the branding? Nice. Hold on. Hey man. Yeah,

[00:48:50] Jake Plummer: man. Again, less about brand, more about cause and the product. Let’s making, making sure we’re providing good stuff.

[00:48:56] Chris Dorris: Yeah. Well, I appreciate you man. Good luck the way you’re using your life, man.

Thank you for so sharing some of it with me today in my tribe, brother. Appreciate you so

[00:49:03] Jake Plummer: much. Of course, Chris. I appreciate it, man. We’ll have to do it again sometime soon. I will take you up on that. All right, brother. All right, Manam.

[00:49:11] Chris Dorris: So check this out. We, uh, Jake and I just, um, chatted it up a sco after we stopped recording and he had an idea that I wanna share with you if you’re interested in checking out any, any of his products, you can, um, use you.

There’s a discount. He’s offering a 16, that’s, that was his number, like his whole career is his number. Um, 16. So you get 16% discount if you, if you add. The code tt, which is Tough Talks, right? Capital T, capital T, and then the number 16 t t, 16. And you’ll get 16% off of um, your product purchase, which is pretty generous of him.

So that was kick ass. What a neat dude. Huh? What a beautiful human being, right? The way he’s using his life is just, is truly spectacular. I acknowledged him for that again after we, uh, stopped recording. It’s just really, really great to see someone, um, using their platform so beautifully. So, uh, thanks that as always for tuning in and as always, until next time, create miracles.

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