TOUGH TALKS: Geek Squad For Your Brain! with Tim Shurr - The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

TOUGH TALKS: Geek Squad For Your Brain!
with Tim Shurr

What if you could have a massive transformation in your personal or professional life, or both, in only 30 minutes? Is that really possible? Well, according to my latest Tough Talks Podcast guest, World-renowned Hypnotist, Tim Shurr, it sure is.

Tim is The Geek Squad for your brain. He shows us the “shortcuts” on how to use our human supercomputers. He helps us free ourselves from old trauma/Trauma (he’ll clarify that for you) quickly and permanently. And we all have some trauma. It’s part of life.

His mission statement starts with, “My mission is to end needless emotional suffering.” And he is certainly a man on a mission.

Not only is he a legend in the world of Hypnosis, he’s FUN! He has a kick-ass vibe and he’s playful and cool. I’m so excited to share him with you here.


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