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Chuck Bushbeck – Coach, Speaker & Author

Our guest for today’s Tough Talks episode is Chuck Bushbeck. Chuck is good ole’ North Philly boy, born and raised. He’s a former professional football player, current Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, a Scout for the California Angels MLB team, Television show host, author and has written a soon to be released documentary, Quiet Toughness.

Chuck has defeated both cancer AND serious heart disease and he brings us some compelling stories of how he combined his own versions of Mental Toughness and mind control with western medical treatment to restore himself to perfect health.

At one point in the interview he mentions that he’s going back to the doctor for another checkup soon. Well, that checkup has long passed by the time we published this and he has since been instructed by his “dumbfounded” physicians to “get the hell out of their offices” because he’s perfectly healthy.

Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation:

  • 2:22 – What he means by “Quiet Toughness”
  • 3:52 – Taking the woo-woo out of Vibe talk
  • 9:22 – How Chuck healed his heart by adding a strong dose of Mental Toughness to western medicine
  • 14:22 – The mechanics of Quiet Toughness
  • 16:42 – We need both Energy AND Information in order to grow/heal
  • 23:32 – Chuck’s 5 Step approach to activating healing brain chemistry
  • 32:56 – “We are who we are because of how we interpret the environment”
  • 36:12 – The analogy of Cloud Technology and what we’re “storing” emotionally in our own psych-physiological “clouds”

Chuck is deep. And he ain’t apologetic about it. He told me that as he was leaving his final doctors appointment, he actually advised his physicians that if they want to stay ahead of the curve, that they’d better get current! He told them that his recovery shouldn’t be viewed as astonishing. It’s simply an illustration of the power of the new science of energetics.


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