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TOUGH TALKS: Bluefishing! with Steve Sims

His name is Steve Sims and he’s been called “The Real Life Wizard of Oz” and “The Guy Who Gets Shit Done.”

There are several things I dig about this guy. First of all, he’s just plain cool. He talks about “The Chug Test” with respect to only hanging with people you can see yourself chugging a beer with. He passes my Chug Test with flying colors.

Also, he thinks big. Weird big. Like, way weird big.

Third, he treats the fact that he makes miracles happen appear completely normal. In fact, at one point, he even busts out with, “And, by the way, none of this is complicated…”

For example, who else do you know that can get you to sing on stage with your favorite rock star, be serenaded by Andrea Bocelli over dinner at the foot of Michaelangelo’s Statue of David in Florence, walk the red carpet at Sir Elton John’s Oscar party, get married in the Vatican, or Dive to the wreck of the Titanic – to name a few?

Steve Sims is the best selling author of the amazing book, Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen. And I am pretty damn pumped to share him with you today!

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Here’s the audio only version, which you can also download as an MP3 file to listen to on the go.

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