TOUGH TALKS: Carolyn Freyer-JonesExecutive and Personal Coach | The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

TOUGH TALKS: Carolyn Freyer-Jones
Executive and Personal Coach

Carolyn Freyer Jones, or CFJ, is a powerhouse coach who has been referred to as a “straight-talking New Yorker mixed with pure compassion.” You can tell she’s done her work on herself. She has a serenity and a clarity and a confidence about her that is palpable and can only make the experience of working with her so much more profound.

In our conversation today, CFJ drops a handful of wisdom bombs that will definitely serve you in your professional and personal lives. For example: “Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s moving forward with it.”

She has her own Coaching School now, the CFJ Coaching Success School and you can learn more about that on her website.

Here’s the audio only version, which you can also download as an MP3 file to listen to on the go.

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  1. Bobby says:

    I got a lot out of this episode. I have listened to it several times. Thank you!

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