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TOUGH TALKS: Billy Woodmansee, the EnterTrainer

I call him my EnterTrainer because when I work out with him, I (almost) always forget that he’s my trainer because I’m laughing too hard. Or reflecting too deeply upon what we’re discussing – spirituality, consciousness, Epigenetics, research on wellness and human peak performance, and, naturally SPORTS!

Billy is a relentless student of life who is completely addicted to his personal and professional and spiritual development. He is a high-viber and attracts amazing people into his life as a result.

He’s like a “Gym Guru.” Really. When he’s training his client’s, whether they realize it or not, in addition to their bodies growing more fit, so are their souls.

And today we get to sit with him live in my office (The Captain’s Quarters) for a long-awaited conversation.

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Instagram: @coach_billywood


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