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“You’re Just Listening to the Wrong Voice”

One of my favorite TV shows these days is the Showtime hit, ‘Billions’. One of the reasons I love it is because I identify closely with one of the characters, Wendy Rhoades. She’s a former Sports Shrink turned Executive Coach. And she’s entirely unapologetic about getting fiercely all up in your grill in the name of serving you. How would I not love everything about that?!

This is a short clip of her in a session with one of the Asset Managers who is having a complete lapse of Mental Toughness. It’s 85 seconds long. Have a look.

This guy’s fear is arising solely from his inner dialog. That is always true for all of us. Note that. ALL of our fear arises from low-grade inner dialog. Period. And the great news about that is that we have the ability to COMPLETELY govern our inner dialog.

One of my favorite mantras is:

“I use history, but don’t permit history to use me.”

This dude is letting history use him here. “I’m down 4%. I’m fucked.” Is it true that he’s down 4% when his colleagues are up double digits? Yes, it is. That’s a fact. Now the question is, what do you want to DO with that data? How do you want to USE that bit of recent history in order to inspire you to show up?!

That’s the coaching she gives him. In 90 seconds. (Another reason why I LOVE coaching. It can create profound results FAST!) That’s all the time it takes for her to re-MIND this guy to change inner channels and to make the badass voice the louder one and to listen to THAT one.

That’s the practice! When you’re feeling afraid, change the voice that you’re listening to to that of your BADASS SELF, turn that up to full volume and proceed!


  1. Lana Hock says:

    Love this post! I haven’t watched the show, but now I MUST!! I’m a BADASS for sure!

  2. Susan Nurre says:

    Short and sweet and gets results! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Meredith Bell says:

    Fabulous clip, and I love your commentary that goes with it. I’m saving this page for the moments when that other voice tries to get loud. I’ll check out this show, too. Thanks, Chris!

    • The Mental Toughness Coach says:

      If Wendy’s character wasn’t in the show, I’d probably still like it, but nowhere near as much. Meredith, you rock. I really appreciate your comments and your shares. Thank you so sincerely!

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