TOUGH TALKS: Adam ArchuletaFormer NFL Star, Current NFL Host - The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

TOUGH TALKS: Adam Archuleta
Former NFL Star, Current NFL Host

In today’s episode of Tough Talks, we are fortunate to have as our guest the former NFL superstar and current NFL Broadcaster, Adam Archuleta.

Adam knew from early youth that he wanted to be a professional American Football player. That’s true for a lot of kids. But one of the distinguishing factors about Adam is that he skipped over hoping and wishing and got straight into deciding.

Not only did Adam simply decide that he would be playing in the NFL, he became a voracious student and devotee to learning and doing whatever it would take to make that his reality.

Adam treats everything that way. He isn’t interested in being good at things. He’s interested only in being the best. Which is why he overcame his self-reported “extreme introversion” and “near social phobia” in order to be able to manifest one of 16 positions in the world sitting in the booth calling NFL games on live internationally broadcast TV.

A few of the hit points we cover in our fascinating dialog:

  • The critical difference between “try to” versus “DECIDE TO!”
  • The importance of responding masterfully when others doubt you
  • How to interpret all adversity as fuel
  • How the mantra “No job is too small for me” and the humility that comes with that, continues to play a big role in his ability to create new dreams
  • The problem with “timelines” when you’re shooting to be the best in the world
  • How tons of great practice and repetitions still aren’t enough to cut it when you’re committed to creating excellence

Adam IS a very typical person. He just chooses to live very atypically. And there’s a lot for us to learn from that.

More about Adam Archuleta:

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