ALL IN! 2.0

When you DECIDE – when you’re in the ALL IN! state – you activate creative genius, you take masterful and immediate action and you maximize the likelihood of success. Learn what it means to be ALL IN!, learn how to get there, and the 3 step process of using that state to create the life of your dreams.


This is a new thorough, robust and “coursified” edition of the original 53-minute ALL IN! audio program.This course includes video, quizzes and built-in accountability.

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Creating Your Dream – The Audio Course

Creating Your Dream takes you through a series of exercises that will help you establish CLARITY on how you ultimately want to use your life, the COURAGE to believe that what you desire is available to you in this abundant universe, and the DISCIPLINE – or Mental Toughness – to do what it takes to make it so.

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The Edge: Mental Toughness For Miraculous Golf

In The Edge, Chris has compiled a collection of his most relied upon Mental Toughness Tools that he uses in his work coaching several of the world’s top golfers. It includes a bonus track, The Tips, in which he addresses several of the most frequently asked questions by touring professionals regarding the mental game.

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Mental Toughness SWAG

mental toughness quotes on shirts

Back in the day, I was working out with my trainer, Billy, and we were talking about my Mental Toughness mantras.  He asked if I was using one right at that moment.  Yeah I’m thinking “Ain’t Bad, Just Is” because I was doing these Hell Burpees – which are absurdly painful!

I realized Billy was onto something and that this might be yet another way to help people remember some tools that they can use to strengthen their minds.

The Mental Toughness Swag also serve as conversation starters, because generally speaking, people don’t know what these mantras mean.  Each one has its own profound story. Telling those stories let’s you deepen your own understanding and practice of them, while also sharing Mental Toughness with the world.

The Book of Mental Toughness Mantras

The Book of Mental Toughness Mantras by Chris Dorris - Front Cover Render

In my work as a coach, speaker and author, I rely heavily on the value that mantras possess and the purposes that they serve. I think of mantras as mega-abbreviated, super-condensed versions of some of the most important lessons we would ever want to stay conscious of as we go through life.

This book is literally a toolbox full of 52 of my most relied upon Mantras. I use these in my work to help people get their minds right to create excellence faster and with less effort.


The Daily Dose: Mental Toughness in 30 Seconds or Less

The Daily Dose: Mental Toughness Tips in 30 Seconds or Less. It started as an email that goes out every morning with the intention of helping you get your mind right as soon as you awaken so that you can not only win the day, but also strengthen your mind permanently in the process and develop more Mental Toughness that will help you live more happily and more powerfully.

This book is a collection of the first 365 Daily Dose messages. Every day I get an email from someone on that list telling me how perfect the day’s message was for them (everyone is on their own schedule). In fact this book exists because so many of you suggested that I turn it into a book – I listened!

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Creating Your Dream – The Book

Creating Your Dream Book

Creating Your Dream is a powerful and simple step-by-step guide for anyone who is tired of waiting for life to get great.

I share my observations from years of training the world’s top athletes and executives in the area of peak performance. These are concise and engaging descriptions of the most critical psychological traits-or Mental Toughness Tools-shared by the world’s top performers.

I’ve also included the actual exercises that these peak performers use in their daily Mental Toughness Training regimens.

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Beautiful Paradox – PDF


It’s all about prioritizing SERVING PEOPLE over making money, and as a consequence, making way more money.


  • Simple, profound and kind – it effectively removes the stress from selling and replaces it with reward.
  • It’s been proven to work not just in my life, but in the lives of my one-on-one private coaching clients as well as in the corporate world with sales teams, leadership teams, executives and entrepreneurs.


When All Boats Rise

When All Boats Rise - 12 Coaches on Service as the Heart of a Thriving Practice

Amazing coaches have amazing teachers, because success in the coaching profession is open to anyone willing to learn. When All Boats Rise takes this idea of apprenticeship to its core, inviting the reader to look over the shoulders of 12 field-leading coaches, so ANYONE – whether new to the profession or a fifty-year veteran – has that chance to learn. Through their open-hearted stories, practical tips, insights, reflections, explanations, and easy-to-apply tools, these authors add to the landmark concept that the best predictor of income is actionable commitment to service. What’s more is that they show how taking on service as a way of being leads to many forms of prosperity, impacting life beyond the bank account. In these pages, you’ll see this approach is foundational for anyone wanting to create a top-tier business, raving customers, prosperous practices, wonderful clients, and a life full of meaning and purpose. And, by taking on service as a way of being, any coach has access to powerful feelings of contribution, lasting relationships, spiritual fulfillment, personal growth, profound love, purpose-driven days, and the ability to make a real difference in people’s personal and professional lives. In this book, learn how the world’s top coaches place this way of being at the heart of their work, and understand for yourself how service truly is the ‘rising tide that lifts all boats.’

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