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Creating Your Dream – The Book

Creating Your Dream Book

Creating Your Dream is a powerful and simple step-by-step guide for anyone who is tired of waiting for life to get great.

I share my observations from years of training the world’s top athletes and executives in the area of peak performance. These are concise and engaging descriptions of the most critical psychological traits-or Mental Toughness Tools-shared by the world’s top performers.

I’ve also included the actual exercises that these peak performers use in their daily Mental Toughness Training regimens.

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Winners don’t wish, wonder or doubt. They decide, declare and do whatever it takes. When you are totally committed, you’re a very different person than when you’re hoping. When you DECIDE – when you’re in the ALL IN state – you activate creative genius, you take masterful and immediate action and you maximize the likelihood of success. Chris describes what it means to be ALL IN, how to get there, and the 3 step process of using that state to create the life of your dream.

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Creating Your Dream – The Audio Course

Creating Your Dream takes you through a series of exercises that will help you establish CLARITY on how you ultimately want to use your life, the COURAGE to believe that what you desire is available to you in this abundant universe, and the DISCIPLINE – or Mental Toughness – to do what it takes to make it so.

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The Edge: Mental Toughness For Miraculous Golf

In The Edge, Chris has compiled a collection of his most relied upon Mental Toughness Tools that he uses in his work coaching several of the world’s top golfers. It includes a bonus track, The Tips, in which he addresses several of the most frequently asked questions by touring professionals regarding the mental game.

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