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Deepak Chopra + Chris Dorris = Miraculous Life

This truly is a Miraculous Life we’re living.

Every day is pure potentiality. A realm of infinite possibilities.

Here’s a story of a trip I took about 20 years ago to India.  It’s a story that illustrates the power of several of the Mental Toughness Tools or Technologies that I incorporate into my Individual Personal Transformation Coaching Experience and my seminars, lectures and workshops. Tools like, The Decision Distinction, Abundant Thinking, The Power of Intention, Courage, Disciplined Action, and Divine Selfishness, to name a few.

When we learn, integrate and practice these tools, and we engage in the perpetual Self-Inquiry Process, we train ourselves to be walking Miracle Makers. We free ourselves from the conditioning of our pasts and as a consequence, internally, we activate infinite creativity and, externally, the Infinite Organizing Intelligence of The Universe (God, Synchronicity, Divine Grace, Quantum Weirdness.)


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