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July 23, 2020
TOUGH TALKS - E054 - Cracking the Coconut with Ankush Jain.

TOUGH TALKS: Cracking the Coconut
with Ankush Jain

Ankush is wizardly smart. And funny. He reminds us that stress is NOT our default state - that we must learn to stress ourselves out, in fact. And he teaches us how to begin the process of "cracking the coconut" or breaking open our faulty beliefs that would have us feel stress in the first place.
July 21, 2020
Confidence is a decision

Confidence Is A Decision

Everyone knows that the more confident we are, the more likely we will create excellence. Naturally, the more prepared and skilled we are, the easier it is to choose confidence (notice that language!), but even talent and mastery and preparedness do NOT guarantee confidence.
July 14, 2020
Toxic Positivity Seriously

Toxic Positivity? Seriously?

I read a weird article yesterday entitled, "What is Toxic Positivity? Why It's OK to Not Be OK Right Now." "Toxic Positivity" as I understand it, is that weak, fake positive spin approach to seeing reality. It means deluding yourself into thinking some bad set of circumstances isn't really so bad, or that it'll just pass. The term "toxic positivity" is stupid, though. It's a complete oxymoron. If it was legitimately positive, it could never be toxic. It should really be called "Phony Positivity" because it refers to the attitude of someone who is faking positivity.
July 9, 2020
TOUGH TALKS - E053 - Busy is Lazy with Craig Gore

TOUGH TALKS: Busy is Lazy with Craig Gore

You heard it. He said it. "Busy is Lazy!" Craig is a recovered workaholic turned Freedom Coach. He'll explain what he means by all of that.
July 7, 2020
How Miles Davis Turned Herbie Hancock's Poison into Medicine

How Miles Davis Turned Herbie Hancock’s Poison into Medicine

I have fond memories of riding in my high school teammate’s MG convertible to our summer league basketball games listening to Herbie Hancock. I didn’t realize then what a genius Herbie was. I knew he was a musical genius. But I didn’t know he could preach like this! This is pure brilliance. 3 minutes and 14 seconds of WOW! Listen to Herbie describe a massive lesson he learned from the great Miles Davis. He describes a time when they were performing together and in the middle of Miles’ trumpet solo, Herbie played the wrong chord on the piano. He made a “mistake.” And he thought it was a big mistake.
June 30, 2020
Fierce Conversations

Fierce Conversations

One of the characteristics of real Mental Toughness is the willingness to have what is called "fierce conversations." These are the dialogs that can be petrifying and effortless to blow off. It's real conflict. And what an interesting word, "conflict." The word has been bastardized from its original meaning. It meant to struggle together with. Not against. With.
June 25, 2020
TOUGH TALKS - E052 - BEST OF_ Tough Talks 3!

BEST OF: Tough Talks 3!

This week we have put together another highlight reel from 9 more of our amazing guests who blessed us with their presence and amazingness on the show.
June 16, 2020
How Are You Investing In Your Own Growth

Racism and Possibility

Possibility. It has always intrigued me. I've built a phenomenal career around the exploration of what is possible for humans. Right now I am intrigued by what is possible for us with respect to eradicating racism. Here are a couple amazing stories, a couple thoughts and one question for us all.
June 11, 2020


This week I have decided to switch it up a bit by flying solo. In other words, our Tough Talks guest today is me. I felt particularly compelled to share with my Tough Talks Tribe some thoughts I've been having recently on the relationship between Mental Toughness Training (aka, Emotional Mastery Training) and racism.
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