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October 16, 2012

Divine Selfishness

  I often find myself sharing the story of the response that the founder of The Oneness University, Sri Bhagavan (pictured above), had when I answered his question, “Chris, what do you want in life?” I had prepared my response long in advance as I knew before the retreat that I’d have this opportunity to visit with him at the end of it and I was told repeatedly that he would be asking me this question. I actually had a very long response, as I was prepared for a long conversation, but as fate would have it, we had only enough […]
June 21, 2012

Why Do NBA Players Still Do Lay-up Drills?!

  These guys have been playing the game their whole lives. They’re the best on the planet. Why would they still practice things like lay-ups and free throws and ball handling? Haven’t they learned that by now? Shouldn’t they be beyond that by now? Well, the short answer is, no. I mean, yes, they’ve learned how to handle the ball and to shoot free throws (hold on, THAT might be debatable – let’s exclude free throw shooting from this example) and certainly how to make a lay up. But that doesn’t mean they should be beyond having to continue drilling […]
March 14, 2012

Being Certain in an Uncertain World

  I got pulled over the other day. Decided to try something new with the cop. He came up to the car and told me I had been speeding. I asked him if that was, in fact, his observation, that my velocity had been exceeding the legal limit. He squinted at me a little and said, yeah. So I ask him if he’s familiar with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. He said no. I explained to him that that principle shows us that the energetics involved in the act of making a conscious observation of something changes either its velocity or […]
September 20, 2011

Clarity, Courage and Discipline

Clarity. Courage. Discipline. As I see it, these are the three ingredients to ultimate success (however you choose to define success – in EVERY possible way). If I am not clear on what it is that I intend to create or how it is that I most profoundly want to use my life, than I will certainly never manifest it. I must first have Clarity. And Clarity is tricky. It’s tricky because of conditioning – learned limiting beliefs. Even if I am clear on how I want to use my life and what I want to have, be and do, I […]
July 24, 2011

Nothing Can Stress You Out!

You know what really stresses me out? Nothing. Know why? Because nothing can. There is no such thing as a stressful event. There are only events. And they aren’t “stressful” until I choose to interpret them in that manner. There’s a lot of freedom in understanding that. Stress cannot occur until I interpret something as stressful. In other words, nothing, by itself, is stressful. And there are no exceptions to this. But it sure seems like plenty of things are stressful. It sure seems like things “stress me out”. “Seems” is the operative there. It simply appears to be the […]
July 23, 2011
The next generation workforce isn't even a workforce. They're a Passionforce.

Hey, Seniors and Grads, LOOK OUT!

It's a good thing I meditated this morning (which I highly recommend, by the way.) If I hadn't I'd be pissed right now. This kind of crap really stews my tomatoes! I go get the paper out of the driveway and that's the first headline I see in the CareerBuilder section. "It can be really hard to turn down a job offer. But sometimes you should." Really? I should? Let's break this down so as to fully expose the debilitating, weak, passion sucking, conditioned lie that's inherent within that headline.
March 15, 2011

College Seniors, DON’T GET A JOB!

If you or someone you know is about to graduate from college, please advise them NOT to get a job! Jobs are becoming obsolete. If your friend loved listening to music, you wouldn’t advise them to go out and get some tape cassettes of their favorite music. You’d advise them to at least get a cd, or to download the music into their ipod. Cassettes are to MP3’s as jobs are to passions. Inherent within our passions are the mechanics for success, fulfillment, and the greatest contribution and impact. When we are engaged in a project about which we are effortlessly and intrinsically […]
March 13, 2011

Charlie Sheen is a Mirror

Last week my Miraculous Life email Bulletin elicited some pretty strong reactions. And that wasn’t my intention. I don’t post things for shock value or to simply stir the pot. Everything I ever write and submit publically is done so with the intention of somehow raising the bar on how we, as a collective, view the world. Charlie Sheen’s recent public presence and persona is, on many levels, disturbing. If he was my friend, I’d be legitimately concerned about him and I would be reaching out to him – not simply writing about him. Many of his behaviors seem clearly indicative of […]
December 7, 2010

Deepak Chopra + Chris Dorris = Miraculous Life

This truly is a Miraculous Life we’re living. Every day is pure potentiality. A realm of infinite possibilities. Here’s a story of a trip I took a year and a half ago to India.  It’s a story that illustrates the power of several of the Mental Toughness Tools or Technologies that I incorporate into my Individual Personal Transformation Coaching Experience and my seminars, lectures and workshops. Tools like, The Decision Distinction, Abundant Thinking, The Power of Intention, Courage, Disciplined Action, and Divine Selfishness, to name a few. When we learn, integrate and practice these tools, and we engage in the […]
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