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February 15, 2018

TOUGH TALKS: Devon Bandison – Coach, Author & International Speaker

I like to think of Devon as the Queens, NY version of a hybrid of Yoda and Mark Twain. He is a lifelong student of the mind and a masterful storyteller. In our conversation today, he shares with us several powerful and accessible disciplines and practices that we can use day to day to strengthen the way we use our minds, create more joy and be more successful.
February 12, 2018

Love The Drama, Baby!

I so agree. And I love this image. It reminds me that without awareness, each of us is simply a puppet on a string, being directed by circumstances and external forces. If I summarize the entire process of Mental Toughness Training, or Heightening Consciousness (terms which I use synonymously), into one word, that word is AWARENESS.
February 5, 2018


Some golf commentators were talking about where confidence comes from. I was amazed at what they said. "Well, you need to start seeing some results." "You just gotta wait it out." "You just hope it eventually comes back." NO! NO! NO!
January 25, 2018

TOUGH TALKS: Jeff Ritter, CEO of Make the Turn

Jeff has always used the game of golf as a vehicle through which to teach people of all ages how to LIVE more powerfully. He's a successful international corporate speaker, TV personality, master story teller, and author of the book, Your Kid Ate a Divot: 18 Life Lessons From The Links. He's hysterical and insightful. And you don't need to be a golfer to get a ton of value out of this dialog.
January 23, 2018
When You Hate Your New Job

When You Hate Your New Job

I saw this article in the paper the other day. It was on the front page of a section about careers. Don't worry if you can't read it. In fact, it's really good that you can't read it. Because it's really really bad advice. It's the kind of horrible advice that promotes victim thinking. It's the kind of advice that explains exactly why 80% of American's report disliking their jobs. And the funniest part is that this article was written by the same company that did that study - CareerBuilder! Let's go through each of the 7 pieces of advice, and I'll tell you what they SHOULD have said (which is the opposite of what they did say).
January 15, 2018

The “Wrong” Side of The Bed?!

If you use the phrase, "I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today," go ahead and stop doing that. Stop saying that.
January 9, 2018


We've all heard the phrase, "There's a time for work, and there's a time for play." That little piece of advice has implications inherent within it that just don't jive with all the observations I've ever made into the realm of human peak performance.
January 2, 2018
The Perfect Storm

The Deadliest Catch

We had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. But, nonetheless, we ran off across the street to the fisherman's outfitter, bought some gear, parked the car in a nearby lot, and minutes later we were sea-bound.
December 28, 2017

TOUGH TALKS: Vince Temperino, Regional VP of Sales, Cloudera

In this episode of Tough Talks our guest is Regional Vice President of Sales at Cloudera, and big ass dream ranch owner, Vince Temperino. Vince loves discipline, not necessarily in the militaristic sense, but certainly in the "Let's just go ahead and crush it at life" sense. Vince is so fun to listen to because he never lost his childlike enthusiasm and he brings that into everything he experiences in life.
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