What do you do when the wolf knocks on your door? BEST OF: Tough Talks 8!

This week we have put together another highlight reel from 8 more of our amazing guests who blessed us with their presence and amazingness on the show.
Have a look/listen, and take some tools or tips or reminders away from it that can help you continue to strengthen your mind and build more Mental Toughness.

Links to Full Episodes in Order

Garry Ridge
CEO & Chairman, The WD-40 Company

Iyanla Vanzant
Author & Spiritual Life Coach

Jon Hunter
CRO, Advisor, Coach, Podcaster

Helen Appleby
Author, Speaker & Coach

Reggie Marable
Head of Sales, CMT, for Slack

Phil Gallagher
CEO at Avnet, Inc.

Dr. Debbie Crews
Founder/Director of Better Your Best® Mental Cross-Training Program

Dr. Alan Thompson
Artificial Intelligence Expert

Dr. Alison Arnold
Peak Performance Coach

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  1. John Shaheen says:

    Hi Chris, Hope you trip home went well yesterday after the game changer! Love the website, videos, and you have one hell of an impressive resume from the looks of it! Thank you so much for the book, already started reading it and i absolutely love it! You are truly gifted! Keep changing lives my friend! Thanks again, Johnny Shaheen

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